Structurizr DSL Abacus Extension for Visual Studio Code

An extension that provides two key features:

  • Syntax highlighting support for Structurizr DSL
  • Allow content in Avolution Abacus to be used to auto complete relevant data sections when writing up Structurizr C4 Model DSL files.


Syntax highlighting following Structurizr convention for any file ending with the DSL extenstion.

This extension will provide automated completion of SourceSystem data values when editing Structurizr diagram files.

It is assumed that the component you want to query in Abacus is of type Application This is not currently configurable but a future release should allow more flexibility.


This extension only works with Avolution Abacus deployments that have the API enabled. Please check with your system administrator on the API status and what credentials you need to use to connect to the API.

Open Source

The plugin is now an open source project sponsored by Elsevier.

Visual Studio Code Marketplace

Install the extension now by visiting our page in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.