Topic Editing added to BackOffice

The ability to call up and save AspDotNetStorefront topics is nearing completion in BackOffice. The HTML Editor still needs to be added but finding a decent one for WPF is proving a challenge. I have found a few candidate examples and hope to roll those into a useful tool here that inherits the CSS styles and artefacts of the actual site so that you really see what you get! (Windows Live Writer for blogs is an excellent example of this.)


Inventory Management for ASPDotNetStorefront

The BackOffice program has made a large step forward in that the Inventory Management module has now been built and deployed to the BackOffice WPF Composite Application Framework.


Using the WSI interface on ASPDotNetStorefront the application can load the product catalog and then allow you to make various modifications to the inventory. Changes are automatically sent back to the website so that the BackOffice application and the storefront are always in sync.

Next to come is the ability to modify Topics. Following that will be a full catalog management interface.