Katmando Enters the Final Stretch


After a long period of development Katmando is nearing completion. Now in Beta test it is holding up well. In addition to catalogue management a data grid has been added to allow quick access to key product data as a single view, slicing across all categories. This is excellent when you want to make quick updates to a price or inventory amount without having to click through a category tree.


This entire program relies heavily on the rich API provided by the web services extensions to ASPDotNetStorefront. Shortly I expect to return to the BackOffice development effort with a lot of lessons learnt!

Katmando – or BackOffice Lite!

A branch project was kicked off a while ago to produce a lightweight version of the BackOffice program to support just catalogue management. The first release of this has gone into test customized to work with the bespoke data model for eSeeds.com. Looking good!


eSeeds.com uses the concept of Vectors to group products of a similar type and this version of the program understands this special relationship and displays things accordingly.

Once this is completed and shipped work on BackOffice will continue.