Advanced Replacement for WSI Import Tester


I have been using the WSI Import Tester from AspDotNetStorefront for some time when testing out new XML messages or just trying to figure out some functionality and always wished I could save the connection settings and reload XML test cases more easily.

This desire has grown into the build of an entirely new Windows Client that does everything I need. I suspect there are others that would like something similar so I intend to release the program for free to anyone that asks for it.

It is now ready – you can read all about what it does on the WSI Client product page along with a link on how to download a copy for free.

Katmando Enters the Final Stretch


After a long period of development Katmando is nearing completion. Now in Beta test it is holding up well. In addition to catalogue management a data grid has been added to allow quick access to key product data as a single view, slicing across all categories. This is excellent when you want to make quick updates to a price or inventory amount without having to click through a category tree.


This entire program relies heavily on the rich API provided by the web services extensions to ASPDotNetStorefront. Shortly I expect to return to the BackOffice development effort with a lot of lessons learnt!