WSI Client Privacy Policy

Last updated: 21/10/2012

The WSI Client application collects a limited amount of user information required for the application to work. This statement describes what information is collected, how it is stored and used.

Information collected by the application

The following information is collected by the application to permit it to function:

*   AspDotNetStorefront user name and password

*   AspDotNetStorefront WSI web service URL

How information stored

The WSI Client application requires valid credentials to be able to submit requests to the WSI web service. These credentials are stored in the Windows 8 password vault and managed by Windows 8.  The password vault is really easy to use, secure, and can be configured by users to roam between their machines so they only have to enter credentials once. The URL is held in the users local settings.

 How information used

The user credentials held in the password vault are extracted and inserted into the WSI web service request at the time of submission. This information is not retained or stored in any form anywhere else. The responses to the request are held in memory and are lost when the application exits.  The developer of this application doesn’t have access to the credentials, web service requests or the response payload obtained by it.

Users session data are used when application restored from suspended state. They are not used or transferred anywhere outside of this application.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

The developer may occasionally update this privacy statement. The last statement update date is always shown in the header of this document.

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